Chinggis Qan and his friends

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  1 Jamukha

Jamukha was a friend of Chinggis Qan(Genghis Khan) in their young time, and became an enemy after being an adult. His life cannot be known well in history books, so it was one of the difficulties we face when we try to learn the growth process of Chinggis Qan. When I was reading a book of Jinshi (金史, History of Jurchen Jin), I noticed a person named Zhang-ge (障葛) that was not talked about before.
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  2  The location of the battlefield of Khuiten

Both the Nymans and the Merkits had been defeated to the Allied troops of Temujin and Ong Qan(army A). Two tribes allied together and challenged the battle of revenge. Jamukha and several clans also joined the alliance(army B). Temujin and Ong Qan won the battle, but their cooperative relationship collapsed soon. For the following two years Temuejin was forged to face great difficulties. Overcoming it, he became Chinggis Qan(Genghis Khan). So this was one of the most important battle before temuejin became Chinggis Qan. The battlefield name is Khuiten, but its position has not yet been finalized.
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  3 The Travels of Changchunzhenren

Changchunzenren(Changchunzi), Taoism leader, was invited to Chinggis Qan and traveled to present Afghanistan. On his departure he was 73 years old already. He spent more than a year and got to that place and gave a lecture. I analyzed travel books in many unknown ways and revealed the whole trip. It was the current Baghlan city that he first met Chinggis Qan. The abstract explains with a detailed map.
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  4 Place names in The History Books of Mongols

There are many place names in the history books of Mongols. However, some of them are not known, because the name has been changed. On those several place names, I would like to propose new location of present days.

1. Location of Mount Chekcher and Mount Chiqurqu
2. Location of Edel, Altai Confluence
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  4 Place names in The History Books of Mongols no.2

Belke elet,jejejr heights, Abjia koedeger, Mau hieghts, Tuenge stream, Lake Baljuna and Arqal geuegi are presumed.

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